Sunday, July 27, 2008

Out come the H20's - again.......

Do you ever find a product that you just NEED to use, ALL the time. That's me and my H20's. I swear each time I make a card that it will be different this time, I'll try another product, maybe my Tombows or even chalks, or what about that very expensive set of water colour crayons I just HAD to have, but no, they all sit gathering dust, or my toddlers finger prints (hey at least she's using them), while I reach blindly for the beloved H20's. I love it when the sun is shining in through the window while I'm working with them, the sparkle and twinkle is beautiful, it's a shame the camera and computer don't really do them justice. Anyway, you'd think I was doing a commercial for them. The reason for the post, this weeks technique challenge - the Joy Fold card. Who thinks of all these new ideas, they're great. This is my contribution, using Time Well Spent stamp set.

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