Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Masking Instructions

Step 1: Begin by stamping the image you want to appear
at the front on cardstock. Trust me, it will be in the front.
Then stamp image onto sticky paper/post-it note.
Cut out image, making a 'mask'.
Place mask directly over the top of stamped image.
For perfect image placement use a 'stampamajig' or similar item.

Step 2: Stamp second image, slightly overlapping the first image. Remove mask from first image and place directly on top of second stamped image. If you are stamping several different images leave all your 'masks' on until you are finished stamping.

Step 3: As per step 2, stamp third image, slightly overlapping second image. Remove mask from second image and place directly on top of third image. Continue until you are have the desired amount of images.

Step 4: Remove mask. Colour images with whatever medium you choose. Mount coloured images on co-ordinating cardstock.


Ally.......... said...

WAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY too hard for me!!

Secret Dreams And Passions said...

Wanted to thank you for the great "masking" instructions... I will give it another try.. it'll be better this time, as I don't think I let the mask on long enough or something.
Enjoy your day!!
Denise from OHio

Phil 4:13

SBL said...

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