Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sketch Challenge

I NEEDED to have this stamp set after seeing cards on Splitcoast, however once I started using it I came so close to throwing it in the bin!!!! If ever a stamp set gave me grief it was this one. I had so much trouble inking it, either I had too much ink, leaving big splotches everywhere or too little ink, leaving blank spots. I was eventually happy with the end results, but I won't be using it again in a hurry.
I used the Masking technique to create the layed effect and coloured the images with Derwent pencils. The bottom section on the card was embossed with the cuttlebug - another one of my toys that I LOVE, some brads to decorate and its done

Sketch Challenge

While my gorgeous new Storybook cartridge was loaded in the cricut I decided to put it to the test with making a card. First I stamped the pale purple bazzil with French Script, in Perfect Plum. Then the fun bit - while it looks like many layers of scallops there is actually only three pieces of cardstock. Firstly I cut the Flower using dark purple bazzil - this can be found with the letter I on Storybook cartridge, then using a lighter shade of purple bazzil I cut the Shadow. Next I cut a Shadow, using the dark purple bazzil. After sticking the three pieces together I used the 1/16th circle hand punch to put tiny holes in the outer layer. After some cutting and pasting the final decoration was a pearl brad.

Friday, August 22, 2008

What a Rush .....

That's how a friend described selling your own products - and you know what I couldn't think of a better description. A local homewares shop ordered 50 gift cards from me, and that's what it was, an absolute rush, not just the adrenalin, but the rush to get them done!!!! Seriously, it was a lot of fun, coming up with my own designs, working to a budget, making them, deliverying them, and then - getting paid!!!!

Sample cards for Christmas

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Canvas Boards

While I'd love to take the credit for the idea behind the canvas boards I have to give that honour to my friend, Ally. I will however take credit for the boards in their current form, using the Paperdolls cartridge and the absolutely awesome new Storybook cartridge.
With the endless choices available with the Cricut cartridges the look of the boards is only limited to how far your imagination will stretch.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

I can't believe she said that!!!!!!

An overdue update for the blog starts with the antics of a 12 year old. My daughter Maddie was doing a science project for school, the idea being to select their own experiement and then record the details. Our chosen experiment was whether plants grew better in water or milk. Two plants where purchased and labelled then put outside to water/milk and watch what happened. Well, what happened next was not what we expected. Our dog decided the plant with the milk looked quite appetising and that's right - he ate it. So what does Maddie do, she went to school and told her science teacher she could not hand in her homework because the 'dog ate it' !!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sketch Challenge

Have you ever fallen in love with a range of stamps that you just have to have. That's me with these Faerie Poppet stamps by Christine Haworth. And do you think you can get them in Australia - absolutely not!!! I have to order them from England and ofcourse they are all absolutely adorable and naturally I want all of them, but firstly they are expensive, then I must take the exchange rate into consideration and then finally the postage cost, but all that aside I've still managed to build up a nice little collection. These are not the stamps to use if you need a quick card, the amount of colouring involved is really time consuming but the end result is well worth the time spent. This sketch was perfect for these stamps, very simple and not too distracting from the main focus of the faeries. The faeries were coloured with Derwents and highlighted with glitter.

Sketch Challenge

With so many layers in this sketch challenge I felt a fairly simply stamp was necessary, just plain stamping, no colouring, a couple of sparkle beads added for a bit of bling and that's it.

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