Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

As I'm typing this post, my Turkey is roasting and my Pumpkin Pie is baking.
For those of you who know me, this is no typing error.
Some of you will know about my on going debate with my American friends as to whether pumpkin should or should not be used as a dessert. I am on the opposing side - I have my pumpkin roasted with a chicken, mashed as a side dish to steaks, pureed in soup or diced in a salad, I do not, under any circumstances have or believe anyone else should have their pumpkin served with cream, ice-cream, latte's or as I've recently discovered is a customary Thanksgiving side dish - with marshmellows!!!!
However - as one of my good friends has pointed out to me she did try the Vegemite I sent her from Australia (not with a positive outcome) and it is good manners not to knock what you haven't tried. She kindly sent me a recipe for Libby's Famous Pumpkin Pie for which I am graciously giving in to peer pressure and serving up to my family tonight
(with whipped cream).
As tonight's dinner is going to be a tradional Thanksgiving dinner, with all the trimmings, my thoughts turn to the meaning behind this holiday.
I began thinking of all the things in my life for which I'm thankful for.
Today was proof that kind, generous people still remain in a world that is running scared of terrorists and other equally horrible threats.
After shopping today, Annie-May and I were driving home when my car coughed and spluttered before coming to a stop in the middle of an intersection.
I had run out of petrol (but that's another story!!!!!).
The man that was unfortunately stuck behind me immediately jumped out of his car and helped push my car to side of the road.
As my car rolled to safety I gave him a wave out of my rearview mirror.
To my surprise, a couple of minutes later, after he had returned to his car he pulled up behind me, he had come to see if he could drive me to the petrol station to get a jerry can. I thanked him very, very much for his kindness and told him I had already called for help, help which came in the form of my wonderfull friend, Ornella.
I knew Mark was in a meeting so I rang Ornella, who immediately dropped what she was doing to come to our rescue.
It's not about the amount of money we have, the size of our house or the possessions we have - it's about the people in our lives. And so, as my family celebrate Thanksgiving for the first time tonight we will be thankful for all the special people we know.
I'm thankful for my family, I'm thankful for my wonderful friends, both here and overseas and I'm thankful for the kindness of complete strangers.
Happy Thanksgiving to You
~ Peta ~

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tilda's Holiday Photo Shoot

Well it's that time of year, you know when mother's across the world dress their children in adorable matching outfits for the annual Holiday Photo Shoot, making them sit for hours on end in the hope of capturing that perfect photo to send to all the aunties and uncles with Christmas cards.
I don't think Tilda's mother would be any different, and why not, she has the most gorgeous little girl - well three little girl's in this case. I've been a victim of the dreaded photo shoot before and so have my daughters, so why should these little Magnolia girls miss out.
I'm trying to steer myself away from the traditional red and green Christmas colours this year. I thought the Daisy D's Pickling Daisies and Butterfly Dot papers were a nice alternative. The Season's Greeting ribbon is from CTMH, "patent leather"shoes have been highlighted with crystal effects and as always my Magnolia stamps are from Summer at

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Santa Clause is Coming to Town

I didn't need to look any further than my own lounge room for inspiration for this cheeky Christmas card. Melbourne experienced an unexpected cold snap this week,
and feeling sorry for her little dog, Spencer being out in the cold, Annie-May
thought it would be a good idea to make him a bed on the bean-bag.

I've stamped the couch image, from Alota Rubber Stamps, directly onto patterned paper.
The santa's hats are from Stampin Up, Crab and Company, the one on Tilda's head has been enlarged on the photocopier, both have been highlighted with glitter. The background 'holly' paper has had pieces cut out and paper pieced over the pink metallic cardstock. Tilda and her puppy have been coloured with Copic Markers and highlighted with atyou Spica markers.
As always, all Magnolia images can be found at

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Waiting for Santa

I couldn't get home from the post office and into my craft room fast enough today. I was so excited to receive my Christmas Magnolia's from Summer at that I forgot what I went to the shops for in the first place. When I wanted to make a "cuppa" I soon remembered - the milk!!! Not to worry - my new stamps had ink on them and that was so much more important.

Each time I get a new stamp I declare that it's my favourite - but this time I really mean it!!!! This girl is absolutely adorable.

I know that traditionally red and green are seen as Christmas colours, but I've never really been a red person, so being the lover of pink that I am, pink, green and gold is the colour combination I've chosen for this week's sketch challenge.

It's been quite a few weeks since I've participated in a challenge, what with ballet dress rehersals and production line Christmas card making. I know this is a Christmas card, but it's a single one that I could take my time with and enjoy what I was doing, not mass produce.

I coloured my images with Copic and atyou Spica Markers then highlighted with crystal effects. I've used metallic pink cardstock for the base of the card, unfortunately I had already stuck the patterned paper down before I thought to take note of it's name, all I know is it's very pretty, if that's any help. 3D dots gave the ornament and Magnolia diamension.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

In the Pink

I'm sure my friend Summer at thinks I just collect all my Magnolia stamps without actually using them.
Well Summer, here's some more proof that they do infact get used.
Annie-May's first ballet concert was the perfect opportunity to use this little pink lady.
A very simple card, coloured with Copic markers, some decorative scalloped layers and a pretty ribbon, pink of course and I have a congratulatory (is that even a word) card for my pretty ballerina. Not one of my best efforts, but under the rushed conditions of additional ballet dress rehersals it did the job.

While we're on the subject of pink and ballet I was thrilled with the challenge given at Splitcoast a couple of weeks ago. In honour of Breast Cancer Awareness month of October, a cause that is very important to me, the challange was to make a pink card, which we all know is my favourite colour, and, this is the great bit, colour it with H20's - yippeeeee - my favouritest (is this also a word - hmmmm) colouring medium of all time.

As we were in the ballet mood here I thought this image, from Alota Rubber Stamps was just perfect. I didn't have a stamp with a verse on it, so I computer generated one.

Cheers Big Ears!!!!!!

Ok, so he doesn't really have big ears, but Cheers to You, Mark.

I've never really been big on making cards for males, but this one was actually fun. I used the stamp set - Cheers to You, from Stampin Up. The images were coloured with atyou Spica markers, the froth ontop of the beer is highlighted with crystal effects, looks better in person. Then the images were all given extra diamension with paper tole technique.

So all in all, I was actually quite please with the end result. I guess making 'boy'cards isn't so bad after all!!!!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

'Tis the Season ...

I've missed being involved with all the challenges at SCS the last couple of weeks,
but with good reason, it's Christmas card making time for me.
I know I set myself up for a huge job each year,
but when friends and family comment on their cards I know it's all worth it.
My Christmas card collection wouldn't be complete without some Magnolia cards.
It's amazing how different the same image can look by changing the colours.
Both little girls have been coloured with Copic Markers. I get my Magnolia stamps from Summer at
Co-ordinating patterned papers, metallic cardstock and matching ribbons have been used for all cards.

This stamp set, Baby Jesus is Born is from Stampin Up.

Manger Friends is from Inky Antics.

These above two stamps are both from the Stampin Up set Holiday Lineup.

Happy Birthday Sianna

I love this little girl, from Alota Rubber Stamps. She is just adorable, like my little 3 year old friend Sianna whose birthday card this.
I coloured the image with Copic Markers and highlighted the pillow, teddy and heart with atyou Spica Markers. The hair bow and teddy have been given some diamension using paper tole. Patterned papers, orange and beige cardstock and co-ordinating orange ribbon and a little bit of bling complete the card.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Trick or Treat!!!!!

The Halloween tradition of Trick or Treating is slowly catching on downunder, with little ghouls and goblins haunting our streets after dark on the 31st October.
Annie-May had her little whitchy friend Tahlia along for the haunt along with Maddies devilish friend, Jacqui.
The older girls love taking the younger ones out because the lolly haul doubles as neighbours just can't resist the adorable little ones.
Happy Halloween!!!!!
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