Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Second Time Lucky

School holidays are generally not a time for me to get creative, unless that is I'm creating new ways to keep my girls from each others throats. Why is it that they love each other to pieces but can't spend 5 minutes alone in the same room without tears being shed.
These holidays have proven to be different, whether it's the beautiful spring weather enticing them outside or maybe I've just learnt to tune out, whatever it is I have actually managed to spend a bit of time at my craft desk playing with new and not so new stamp sets.

After a disasterous first time effort with this stamp set I must admit I was really skeptical about giving it another go, however after giving the stamp a clean with a rubber (suggested on SCS), changing ink pad (now using Memento Tuxedo Black) and trying a different acrylic block (the new one has a handle) I was actually happy with the result, that doesn't mean I'll be using it again in a hurry - unless my friends all shift house.

1 comment:

Summer... said...

Hey....This did come out to be a nice house card! I'm very glad you tried again, after your first unsuccessful attempt! I'll let you know if I ever move house... = )

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