Sunday, October 5, 2008

Cricket Season

As of yesterday Cricket Season has officially started here in Australia.
For those of you not familiar with the game it would have to be the most boring game ever invented. Personally I would love to find an activity that justifiably took me out of the house for 20 hours a week (2 nights training and one full day game play).
Two teams of 11 men each side standing around trying to hit then catch a ball, while attemping to make runs - sounds fun, doesn't it!!!!

It does have it's plus sides, if you go to watch a game it's great for catching up on reading, sleeping or for doing a bit of sunbaking.

If you wisely choose not to go to a game then that's 8 hours on a Saturday to send the kids to a friends house and then play with craft stuff!!!!

The other plus is it's a great photo opportunity when the kids dress in Daddy's old helmet and play a game of backyard cricket.


Sammi said...

Great photos!! :)
I love your post on cricket!

hah!! yup - all the way to the American site to end up back in Oz! It is funny! Glad to have found your blog!

I am a Magnolia lover too!!

Summer... said...

Gosh Peta! Seems like my hubby ought to take up the game too then! 8 hours of crafting time sounds just great! I'd opt for that everytime... = ) you are too funny! And little miss Annie-May is just too cute!

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