Monday, November 16, 2009

Wax and Feathers

I've been putting this project off for as long
as possible, it seemed quite daunting, however
I was thrilled with the end result and I hope my
cousin will be too.
This candle and card was a special order from
my cousin for her best friends 40th birthday.
I told her too look at my blog and pick out
a style of card that she liked and just my
luck she picked my Dancing with the Stars
feather card. What was I thinking when I
agreed to make it as a candle!!!
I just hope she never lights it - those feathers
will go up in a flash!!!!
I'm loving the Japanese paper I used with the metallic
cardstock - it all comes together to look very exotic and
glamourous. A beautiful friendship poem on the reverse
side finishes the candle.
Metallic Cardstock
Japanese Papers
Gold Stickers
Computer Generated Poem
Tissue Paper
Gold Ribbon
~ Peta ~

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