Monday, December 1, 2008

Roses on Paper

We all love to receive a compliment, it's human nature, it makes us feel good and gives our confidence a huge boost.
I received the most wonderful compliment last week in the form of an invitation from my friend Summer.
Along with five other very talented ladies, Summer asked me to join her Design Team for her store
I'm really looking forward to getting to know my fellow team members and I eagerly welcome the challenge.
Thanks Summer, one more reason for me to stay at my craft desk.
Please follow the links on the side to Roses On Paper and to view the blogs of the
Design Team.

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Cheryl Walker said...

Peta Congratulations, that is Awesome news, and I bet you are excited :) I'm soooo happy for you, I just found her store and I love it, matter of fact, I placed 3 orders in less than 24 hours :)LOL
I also love your blog, and your daughters are very pretty!! :) Congratulations on your big news hun!!!!


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