Sunday, December 7, 2008

Decorating for Christmas




Mark nearly passed out when I showed him the
Christmas garland I got to decorate the outside
of our house with, but 4 hours later when it was all
up we were really pleased with the final look.


I absolutely love decorating for Christmas.
I've been collecting Franklin Mint Disney
ornaments for about 15 years now,
so I've built up quite a collection.
I need to take some close up photo's of
all of them.

Each Christmas it's really exciting un-wrapping
them all and remembering what
we have (and hoping there are no breakages).


Summer said...

Oh it's beeeautiful Peta!!! I'm going to come live with you! = )

Anki said...

Looks great Peta! So strange though for me to see X-mas ornaments without snow, but I remember how it looked when we were in Sydney 5 years ago. Kramisar - Anki

Lim said...

WOW Peta, you have a beautiful house. I loove your garden and the outside decorations. Beautiful!!

Jodi said...

So pretty! Like Summer said...I'm coming to live with you too! =)

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