Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tilda's Holiday Photo Shoot

Well it's that time of year, you know when mother's across the world dress their children in adorable matching outfits for the annual Holiday Photo Shoot, making them sit for hours on end in the hope of capturing that perfect photo to send to all the aunties and uncles with Christmas cards.
I don't think Tilda's mother would be any different, and why not, she has the most gorgeous little girl - well three little girl's in this case. I've been a victim of the dreaded photo shoot before and so have my daughters, so why should these little Magnolia girls miss out.
I'm trying to steer myself away from the traditional red and green Christmas colours this year. I thought the Daisy D's Pickling Daisies and Butterfly Dot papers were a nice alternative. The Season's Greeting ribbon is from CTMH, "patent leather"shoes have been highlighted with crystal effects and as always my Magnolia stamps are from Summer at www.rosesonpaper.com


Jodi said...

Such a sweet card! I love your idea for this, it's just so real! =)

Summer... said...

Okay Peta! This is one absolutely adorable Christmas cards...a favorite of mine, hands-down! While I only have one child, I can still relate, as he and his cousin are always posing for the holiday photo together. What photo works for one, will of course not work for the other and finally 79 frames later, we find one that will have to do, lol! = )

Cheryl Walker said...

How cute they look, and love how you did the shoes!!! Also love the colors!!!


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