Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Belles 'n Whistles Trivet

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After all your awesome ideas last Friday I shouldn't
be stuck for inspiration for a long time.
There were so many great projects to choose from.
A couple of people suggested some sort of charm/keyring
made with Shrinky Dinks - if you take a look in the
Belles 'n Whistles Gallery
this was one of the first things
I did with Belles 'n Whistles Sisters stamp. It's a fun and
surprisingly easy little project to do and by turning your
charm into a keyring the recipient can take their gift
with them everytime they leave the house.
Another great suggestion was a candle. I love making
candles, each time I make one I'm continually amazed
peeling off the wax paper to see the image adhered to
the candle.
Quite a few people had the idea for note paper/note books.
Make sure you keep an out here because with Christmas
fast approaching a few friends will be receiving just that
(shhhhh - it's a meant to be a secret lol)
Anyway, as you know I decided to use Carrie's idea to
make a Trivet.
As soon as I read this I could almost smell the freshly
baked Apple Pie coming out of the oven and being placed
on the trivet on my kitchen bench - mmmmmm, yum.

Belles 'n Whistles Sunshine & Apples Stamp
Plain White Tile
Hand Drawn Checkered Border
Copic Markers
Cork Backing
Gloss Spray

~ Peta ~

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