Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy Australia Day!!!!!

Things that are typically Australian to me are
a day at the beach in summer, a BBQ, a game of cricket,
and a drink with your mates.
Put them all together and you have the perfect Australia Day -
Australia woke yesterday to a perfect summer's day,
a perfect day for a celebration, perfect for celebrating
Australia Day and the place we call 'the lucky country'.
Each year in Mornington there is a parade down Main Steet,
an opportunity for local groups to march proudly down the
street to the cheers and support of the community.
From the local police force and the navy band to the ladies
church auxilliary and the belly dancing school.
Our town is made up of many diverse groups and this
is their chance to be applauded for what they bring to make
up our community.
My two daughters proudly took part in the parade, as members
of the LaDicia School of Dance they put on their costumes and
waved and cheered as the float made it's way down the street.
After the parade it was time to head to the beach
to get a good position for the annual fire works
I felt so proud to be part of our town,
I was born in Mornington, I live here, we
have our own business here and my
children go to school and kinder
in this town.
The hundreds of people that turned out
for the parade and then the fireworks
is an indication of how alive and well
the community spirit is.
If I had to search the world for a place
that offers all that not only our country
but our town has to offer I know I would
end up right back here. Where else in the
world can you sit on the beach at 10pm at
night, having a quiet drink with your mates,
still dressed in bathers and shorts and watch
a brilliant fireworks display put on by the
local council.
I can say in all honesty - I'm proud to be an


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Susan said...

Sounds like a perfect day! I love our 4th of July. I think it's really special when each country celebrates their unity and independence. Glad it was perfect. And your girls are beautiful!

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